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Spiritual Quotient

Ms. Tazim Elkington
Alternative Therapy, Transformational Hypnotherapist
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The spiritual quotient is the most important part in life. To understand what this is it is essential to realize we are transient beings in this physical body. We are born and we will die. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, which sometimes could mislead, what is important is to have a daily practice of remembering that we are passing through. No matter how much we acquire, succeed, reach the top or any other physical aspect, learning that it is all ephemeral keeps us grounded. Meditation, an age old practice, is the best method of finding the solitude and reconnection to oneself bringing inner tranquility regardless of the stresses and strains that life brings. Meditation is non-sectarian and can be practiced by anyone. There are over 80,000 types of meditations in the world. How does one choose a type that works? With my practice of Transcendental Meditation for nearly 3 decades it is a simple effortless effective technique suitable for any type of person. Firstly, earning the technique takes and 1.5 hours over 4 consecutive days. Secondly, the technique requires that you sit 20 minutes twice a day to release daily accumulated stresses as well as start diluting old stress stored in the system. Stress is the accumulation of pain, hurt, trauma and feelings that are not healthy. This technique helps one dive inwards in order to experience the pure field of consciousness that we seem to have lost touch with. This method is not about concentration, contemplation or mindfulness; it is about transcendence beyond the busy mind and lifestyle. It reignites one’s own source of creativity, intelligence and peace. It dissolves anger and destructive behavior. For more details please check-out: and book your free introductory talk today! Tazim Elkington AKA the Indian Black butterfly is known for her unconventional, humorous and straightforward methodologies for self and group transformation. She’s an Evolutionary Disrupter, Public Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Talk and Regression Therapist, Writer and Poet. For more details please check out