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Nutrimedical Consultancy

Mrs. Lucy Maithya
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Poor eating habits put one at risk of all sorts of non-communicable disease like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity and other health problems. It also reduces one’s productivity due to tiredness and stress’ As we celebrate healthy eating week I urge Kenyans to eat well balanced diets with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole foods for optimal health, wellness and performance. These healthy tips will help achieve the goals to healthy diet. Always plan your diet in advance, this gives room for variety and diversification as different foods in the same food group differ in nutrient content. Eat fruits and vegetable generously, they are good source of vitamins and minerals and gives less calories. Practice plate model and let half of your plate be occupied by vegetables of all types. World health organization recommends one to eat more of plant based proteins than animal proteins as they contain saturated fats which raise bad cholesterol. Practice mindful eating. Eat when hungry or necessary; choose healthy snacks, read your nutrition information when buying any food that comes in a packet. Healthy eating is key in defeating COVID-19, consumption of a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activities will help strengthen our immune systems, lower the risks of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases and speed up recovery from illnesses. Let us shun away from junk foods, highly processed foods and exercise more and make water our drink of choice. About Lucy Chege: Lucy Chege is a registered and licensed nutritionist based in Kenya, proficient in medical nutrition therapy. She is also the founder of Nutrimedical Consultancy. Cell: 0704 770 078 (Lucy Chege).