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Spiritual Quotient

The spiritual quotient is the most important part in life. To understand what this is it is essential to realize we are transient beings in this physical body. We are born and we will die. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, which sometimes could mislead, what is important is to have a daily practice of remembering that we are passing through. No matter how much we acquire, succeed, reach the top or any other physical aspect, learning that it is all ephemeral keeps us grounded. Meditation, an age old practice, is the best method of finding the solitude and reconnection to oneself bringing inner tranquility regardless of the stresses and strains that life brings. Meditation is non-sectarian and can be practiced by anyone. There are over 80,000 types of meditations in the world. How does one choose a type that works? With my practice of Transcendental Meditation for nearly 3 decades it is a simple effortless effective technique suitable for any type of person. Firstly, earning the technique takes and 1.5 hours over 4 consecutive days. Secondly, the technique requires that you sit 20 minutes twice a day to release daily accumulated stresses as well as start diluting old stress stored in the system. Stress is the accumulation of pain, hurt, trauma and feelings that are not healthy. This technique helps one dive inwards in order to experience the pure field of consciousness that we seem to have lost touch with. This method is not about concentration, contemplation or mindfulness; it is about transcendence beyond the busy mind and lifestyle. It reignites one’s own source of creativity, intelligence and peace. It dissolves anger and destructive behavior. For more details please check-out: https://ke.tm.org/how-to-meditate and book your free introductory talk today! Tazim Elkington AKA the Indian Black butterfly is known for her unconventional, humorous and straightforward methodologies for self and group transformation. She’s an Evolutionary Disrupter, Public Speaker, Hypnotherapist, Talk and Regression Therapist, Writer and Poet. For more details please check out www.tazim.net

Dr. Tazim

Alternative Therapy

Nutrimedical Consultancy

Poor eating habits put one at risk of all sorts of non-communicable disease like hypertension, diabetes, cancer, obesity and other health problems. It also reduces one’s productivity due to tiredness and stress’ As we celebrate healthy eating week I urge Kenyans to eat well balanced diets with plenty of fruits, vegetables and whole foods for optimal health, wellness and performance. These healthy tips will help achieve the goals to healthy diet. Always plan your diet in advance, this gives room for variety and diversification as different foods in the same food group differ in nutrient content. Eat fruits and vegetable generously, they are good source of vitamins and minerals and gives less calories. Practice plate model and let half of your plate be occupied by vegetables of all types. World health organization recommends one to eat more of plant based proteins than animal proteins as they contain saturated fats which raise bad cholesterol. Practice mindful eating. Eat when hungry or necessary; choose healthy snacks, read your nutrition information when buying any food that comes in a packet. Healthy eating is key in defeating COVID-19, consumption of a healthy diet and engaging in regular physical activities will help strengthen our immune systems, lower the risks of chronic illnesses and infectious diseases and speed up recovery from illnesses. Let us shun away from junk foods, highly processed foods and exercise more and make water our drink of choice. About Lucy Chege: Lucy Chege is a registered and licensed nutritionist based in Kenya, proficient in medical nutrition therapy. She is also the founder of Nutrimedical Consultancy. Cell: 0704 770 078 (Lucy Chege).

Dr. Lucy


Cleaning out one’s inner closets at this unusual time in history

We are facing challenging times with the current situation. What challenges do is to trigger all our past baggage to the surface. No matter how deeply we have buried past experiences that have caused fear, anxiety, trauma, pain, distrust, hurt or shock, when an extreme situation rears its head it unlocks these doors that have been shut off like a vault. It is important to understand the way the mind works. The conscious mind can convince itself that it has overcome the past, however our storage system within the subconscious mind has all the details mapped out in a zipped file. This unzipping occurs when a person is faced with something now. Once you get why you might be reacting then you can examine, identify and deal with all the repressed emotions arriving like uninvited guests to an unplanned party. Find a good therapist who can aid in your healing as now is the time to do this since you have time. Being patient and kind with yourself is of utmost importance at this time. Being able to express how you feel is essential and lastly finding the right person to help you through is a priority. When we look in the mirror, we only see our external physical skinned over self. We do not see our liver, kidneys, heart, intestines, bones, muscles, tissues, nerves, veins, fascia etc. We see the person you call ‘me’ with a ‘name’ with all its bits and bobs that are not as you would like. Its time to clean out our inner closets from our subconscious mind storage to all that we store in our organs. This is what causes dis-ease. Imagine if you did not empty your garbage bin for a year? And here we are each carrying garbage for decades. Life is offering us the opportunity to ‘see’ ourselves beyond the skin, senses and superficially. Its imploring us to clean up our dark closets so we can breath, live and be as we were supposed to. We have forgotten how to do this due to the world that we have created. Now we have not much of a choice as the Earth cleans itself, we need to do the same so we can reboot from a different place and create a cleaner, detoxed, fresher inner and outer world! You can do it or you would not be here at this time of change!

Dr. Tazim

Alternative Therapy

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